Braco Dimitrijevic
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Braco Dimitrijević was born 18 June 1948, the Paris-based Yugoslavian artist deals mainly with history and the place of the individual within it. His work from the 1980s joined animals and works of art together in a same space, to ultimately gather these into an exhibition in 1998 at the Paris Zoo, visited by over one million people. His “Triptychos Post Historicus” installations assembled reproductions of paintings by classic and modern masters in conjunction with household objects as well as fruits and vegetables. Dimitrijević made controversial news headlines when an expert visiting an exhibition of this series at Tate Britain confirmed that the paintings in question were not copies but originals

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Triptychos Post Historicus (Le secret espagnol), 2011
Triptychos Post Historicus (Le secret espagnol), 2011

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