Wang Du
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Wang Du (born 1956) is a contemporary Chinese artist who mainly produces three-dimensional painted objects, which show strong influences of contemporary Western art and culture. After speaking out against corruption in China in 1989, he was arrested and imprisoned for nine months, after which he left for Paris. One of his first major exhibitions since leaving China was about his difficulties in adjusting to Western society and culture. One of his more famous pieces is entitled “Defile (Parade)” (2000), composed of thirteen distorted statues processing in a military parade. In 2011 he produced “Image Absolue”, made up of 49 plaster busts of Osama Bin Laden. And with “Disposable Reality” (2000-now) he features a number of large balls representing crumpled up newspaper, with the news still visible on its surface, disposed either en masse in trash cans, or individually, in giant exploded versions of ordinary, everyday trash.

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