Stefan Bruggemann

Stefan Brüggemann was born in Mexico City in 1975. He works through established systems of institutional critique and conceptual art, but alters their canonical approaches to allow ambiguity, irony, and play to enter the works. In his search for the improbable juncture between conceptual and pop, Brüggemann most recently provoked chance encounters between Joseph Kosuth and Richard Prince, in layering in his own inkjet canvases text citations from each artist. The ensuing Joke and Definition paintings (2011) series, crashes together Kosuth’s dictionary definitions (1966-) with Prince’s aborted Joke Paintings (1985-), with very formal decision –such as choice of font, background color and scale– relinquished to the originals. From Brüggemann own description summarized to: “Take, Put, Abandon”, the cacophony of rhetoric between Kosuth and Prince result cancelling each other’s statements, rather than in creating a super conceptual / pop chiasmus. Brüggemann compulsive appropriation of artistic genres and concepts from recent art history, combined with ridiculing of intellectual pompousness suspends his work between sincere criticism and defiant humour.

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