Sigmar Polke
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Sigmar Polke (1941 – 2010) was a German painter and photographer, in 1963, he founded the movement "Kapitalistischer Realismus" ("Capitalist realism") with Gerhard Richter and Konrad Fischer, to appropriate the pictorial short-hand of advertising but it also comment on the consumer-driven art system of western capitalism. His early "Rasterbilder" motifs were derived from that period are works that exploit the raster-dot technique of half-tone printing as a way to subvert the appearances of truth, validity in mediated images. In works such as “Protective Custody”(1978) Polke painted on stretched furnishing fabric, thus elevating the textile to the status of art material. In the mid-1990s Polke worked on a new series called “Druckfehler”, or ‘Printing Mistakes’, inspired by printing errors found in newspapers.

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