Pierre Bismuth

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Pierre Bismuth was born in 1963 in Neuilly-sur-Seine. Often through humorous gestures, Bismuth interrupts the pre-established codes contained in images that pervade in daily life to push the viewer to become critical and incredulous of their self-evident meaning. In Retroprojection (American Presidential Elections, I) (2008/11), he uses an Eiki 16mm projector to display coverage of the 2008 American election. Over the course of a 15-minute loop, the narrative continually shifts from debating candidates to weather forecasts and commercial breaks, this way distorting the familiar images while enhancing their visual impact. Similarly with The Jungle Book Project” (2002), Bismuth re-edits his own version of Disney’s The Jungle Book” by over-dubbing each character in a different language. The alternating waves of confusion and clarity that result from the viewing experience of these works are also distorted by his choice of somewhat outdated presentation technology, which accentuate the historicity of his content.

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