Nam June Paik
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Nam June Paik (1932 – 2006) was a Korean American artist, considered to be the first video artist. Paik is credited with coining the term "Electronic super highway" in regards to telecommunications. He started his career by participating in Fluxus, and in 1964 he began working with classical cellist Charlotte Moorman, to combine video, music, and performance. In the work “TV Cello” (1971), the pair stacked televisions on top of one another, and Moorman would drag her bow across the video images of her and other cellists appearing on the screens. In “Something Pacific” (1986) Paik produced a statue of a sitting Buddha facing its own image on a closed circuit television. His 1995 piece “Electronic Superhighway” offers a neon map of America filled with television sets, and moving images.

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