Max Ernst
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Max Ernst (1891–1976) was a prolific German artist and poet, one of the primary pioneers of the Dada and Surrealist movements.In 1914, inspired in part by de Chirico and by studying mail-order catalogues, teaching-aide manuals, and similar sources, he produced his first collages, a technique that would come to dominate his work pursuits in the years to come. In 1921 he met Paul Éluard, who selected six collages to illustrate his poetry collection Répétitions. Constantly experimenting, in 1925 he invented various techniques like “frottage” using pencil rubbings on objects as a source of images, and “grattage” by scapping paint from a canvas to reveal the imprints of the objects placed beneath, as in the painting “Forest and Dove” (1927)

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