Matthieu Laurette
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Matthieu Laurette (born 1970 in France) is a contemporary artist using various strategies to explore the relationships between conceptual art, Pop art, Institutional Critique, economics and contemporary society. His best known projects include “Apparitions: Money-back Products” (1996-97) where he documented an entire year of living off vouchers and reimbursements offers to unsatisfied consumers of branded goods. With Citizenship Project” (1996-ongoing), Laurette attempts to acquire as many nationalities as possible, to the point of offering participation at the Venice biennale to non-represented countries, in exchange for them granting citizenship to Laurette. For “International Look-alike Conventions” (2000-ongoing), he hired a series of stand-ins of Jennifer Aniston, Sean Connery, Salvador Dalí and more to mingle with the crowd of art people, collectors and real celebrities are organized by Laurette on the occasion of group shows he has been part of. Nicolas Bourriaud described Laurette as "playing with economic forms as if they were the lines and colors of a painting".

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