Martial Raysse
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Martial Raysse is a French artist born in 1936. In October 1960, Martial Raysse, founded the Nouveaux Réalistes group together with Arman, Yves Klein, Daniel Spoerri and many other, defining themselves as bearing "new perspective approaches of reality […] by reasserting the humanistic ideals in the face of industrial expansion.” Fascinated by new materials, he explores all sorts of warehouses and supermarkets in search of various colourful objects made in plastic. In the 1960s he produced several series of photographic montages from famous pictures of the nineteenth century, such as ‘Le Bain Turc’ by Ingles, on which neon tubes are inserted and highlighted in phosphorescent colours.

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Martial Raysse - 4 Neon pour Alexandra (Picture by Mario Braune)
Martial Raysse - 4 Neon pour Alexandra (Picture by Mario Braune)

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