Jorma Puranen
Jorma Puranen
Jorma Puranen

Jorma Puranen (born 1951) is a Finnish photographer, better known for his "Imaginary Homecoming” (1997) and “Shadows and Reflections” (1997-2004) series. In the latter sequence of photographs, Puranen explores the heavily varnished surface of baroque paintings; sampling their subject matter to confront in with the lighting conditions these are subjected to in the museums, and by the same token, to address their relation to the conditions of contemporary exhibitions. Continuing in this vein, with "Icy Prospects" (2005-present), Puranen proceeds to picture outdoors winter landscapes via the reflections of a wooden board painted in black, glossy alkyd paint. The resulting imagery are strangely reminiscent of romantic paintings, with the uneven brushstrokes and surfaces of the board are mixed with the reflected subject.

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