Johan Grimonprez
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Johan Grimonprez was born in Roeselare, Belgium in 1962. He achieved international acclaim with his film essay, “Dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y.” (1997), eerily foreshadowing the events of September 11th, a story of airplane hijackings since the 1970s, consisting of images recycled from news broadcasts, hollywood movies, animated films and commercials. “Looking for Alfred” (2005), samples film director Alfred Hitchcock from cameo appearances in his own films, for innumerable doppelgangers to act out a mysterious game of confusion. At The Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh and the Blaffer Museum in Houston in 2010, he presented an unorthodox retrospective of his oeuvre, unfolding like an enormous multimedia ‘vlog’ (video blog) installation made up of iPads.

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