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Jodi, or, is a tandem of internet artists: Joan Heemskerk (born 1968 in the Netherlands) and Dirk Paesmans (born 1965 in Belgium). Since the mid-1990s they created artworks specifically for the World Wide Web, then turned to software art and artistic computer game modifications. One of their better-known modifications of Quake” (2005) places the player inside a closed cube with swirling black-and-white patterns on each side. The pattern is the result of a glitch in the game engine discovered by the artists through trial and error. Jodi's "Screen Grab" period began with the four-screen video installation My%Desktop (2002), which depicted mammoth Mac OS 9 computers running amok. As graphics exploded across the screen, the viewer gradually realized that what had initially appeared to be another computer glitch was really the work of an irrational, crazed user.

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