Jake and Dinos Chapman

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Jake (born 1966) and Dinos (born 1962)Chapman are English artists known as the Chapman Brothers. Their subject matter concentrates on what is generally deemed as appalling, vulgar and offensive. In 2008, they appropriated and added hippy patterns to a series of original watercolours by Adolf Hitler and re-sold them as their own. This is somewhat in continuation to their 2003 show at Modern Art Oxford entitled “The Rape of Creativity” consisting of the series “Insult to Injury”, in which they altered a set of Goya etchings by adding clown faces to the tormented figures. Although not by using any original these times, the Chapmans' have also referenced works by William Blake, Auguste Rodin and Nicolas Poussin. As a public stint during Freize Art Fair in 2008, they have scribbled caricatures on the faces featured on English bank notes, borrowed from, then given back to the attending audience

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