Glenn Brown

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Glenn Brown was born in Hexham, England in 1966. He is known for the abundant use of art historical references in his paintings, where he change the colour, position and size of other artist’s works. He also turns these imageries into grotesque yet fascinating figures that appear to be painted with thick impasto, but are almost photographically flat. As art critic Michael Bracewell once stated, Brown is "less concerned with the art-historical status of those works he appropriates than with their ability to serve his purpose – namely his epic exploration of paint and painting." In most cases, Brown uses reproductions from exhibition catalogues, found on the internet or ordered through print-on-demand companies, then scanning and changing the images with programmes like Photoshop, he playfully alters the image before applying them on canvas. In an interview, once stated: "I‘m rather like a Dr Frankenstein, constructing paintings out of the residue or dead parts of other artist‘s work.”

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