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Gavin Turk (born 1967) is a British artist. While still in school in 1991, his tutors refused to give him his final grades for his show entitled “Cave”, consisting of an empty studio space, which only contained a blue heritage plaque. He subsequently made works questioning the value and integrity of the artist figure. He has cast himself in a series of life-sized sculptures, depicting different romantic heroes including Sid Vicious (1993), Jean-Paul Marat (1998) and Che Guevara (1999). He also produced self-portraits under the guises of 20th century artists like Joseph Beuys and Andy Warhol (both 2007). Turk also features ambiguity as much as self-obsession throughout his work. With “Nomad (red)” (2003) for example, what looks like an ordinary sleeping bag is in fact cast in bronze.

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