Dara Birnbaum

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Dara Birnbaum, was born in 1946 in New York, USA, where she continues to live and work, sampling television imagery to deconstruct archetypal formats such as quizzes, soap operas, and sports programmes. Her techniques involve the repetition of images and interruptions in the program’s flow by including text and music. Her most prominent video art piece is entitled “Technology / Transformation: Wonder Woman” (1978 – 1979), looping footage from the television series where the protagonist continually changes from civilian to heroine, to subvert the embedded ideology and meaning of the superhuman saviour. In 1982 Birnbaum created another piece for Documenta 7 called “PM Magazine/Acid Rock” which appropriated videos from the nightime T.V. Show “PM Magazine” and segments from Wang Computers commercial. The four channel video installation addressed issues of consumerism, TV culture, and feminism

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