Cornelia Sollfrank
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Cornelia Sollfrank (born 1960) is a German digital artist and writer. Her 1997 work entitled "Female Extension" has linked Sollfrank to Cyberfeminism. In the same year she founded the organization “Old Boys Network” (OBN) as well as the artist collective “Frauen-und-Technik' (Women and Technique). Through OBN she published “First Cyberfeminist International”in 1998 followed by “Women Hackers” in 1999.Since the mid 90s, Cornelia Sollfrank has investigated the World Wide Web and transferred the artistic strategies of the classical avant-gardes into the digital realm. At the core of her practice lies her ongoing logarithm “ generator” (since 1998) which automatically collages material from the Internet. This project has directly influenced her practice-led research to address issues of intellectual property. Such related projects include “Copyright © 2004” (2004), “Legal Perspective” (2004), and “DÉJÁVU®” (2009).

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