Bruno Peinado
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Bruno Peinado (born 1970) is a French artist, who’s recurrent themes centre around humorous activism, appropriation and to accumulation. While attempting to provoke a different viewing experience on everyday objects, ideas and communication processes, Peinado describes himself as a disc jockey, with his repetitive image sampling of smileys, disco balls, skate boards, Tetris or Rubik's cube blocks. One of his best known pieces, “One Big World” (2001), represents a Michelin Man posing like a Black Panther activist, to denounce the company’s employee layoffs an the time. In “Good Stuff”(2004), he proposes a structure made of oversized playing cards, inspired by Charles and Ray Eames' 1952 piece, which resonates with his own personal skills in making disparate elements belong together, as well as morphing personal fixations into social commentary.

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